Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Future Star AND Redhead!

"Brenda writes women's fiction of a literary bent, and it is quite possible her current project will make her a star."

So says The Famous Author, once again touting his St. Pete Beach team of writers that gathered last month in South Florida. TFA, remember, claims his Fiesta de Fiction will go down in literary history like Paris in the 1920s. How did all those great writers end up in the same place at the same time?

Last night over a double expresso, we asked TFA about Brenda's hot new project.

"I can't discuss it," TFA said. "It's too current, too much a headline grabber. But let me tell you, every mother in this country will be interested."

Hmm. If 70-80% of all book-buyers are women, TFA might be right. Brenda--BonBon some friends call her--could be holding a bestselling tale by the tail.

Go get'em, b!

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