Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Free Books, Free T-Shirts

The Famous Author says I have to run a story about his new contest, so okay, I have to do what the boss says. Here's what TFA put up on his website:

A TOUGH NEW CONTEST: A First Edition, signed hardcover copy of BIG MONEY, and a “Big Money World Tour, Official Staff” T-Shirt, to the ten best entries. Answer the following:

In my debut novel, BIG NUMBERS, what is the thing Austin first finds for Luis, and Luis later gives to Austin? Symbolically, what do you think the thing represents? Why?

Okay, too tough? How about multiple choice. The thing is one of the following, (and it represents):

1. A revolver (violence)

2. A key (wisdom)

3. A lucky rock (faith)

4. A knife (manhood)

5. A bar of soap (soul cleansing)

Deadline for this contest will be April 31, 2008, and all decisions of the judge--Jack Getze--are final.
Send your entries to: jgetze@AOL.com

Jack’s Tip: Don’t forget to answer why.
Austin's tip: Guess #4 and make up something about Austin's need to grow up.

1 comment:

Rick Bylina said...

Hey! I thought the first thing (second and third) Luis gave Austin was a drink. Why? He was thirsty, and it was something that he could throw up later.

Oh, wait. You said grow up.